Definition of perseverance- persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Learning Krav Maga takes perseverance. It isn’t something that can be done in a week a month or even a year. In Krav Maga you must endeavor to persevere. Meaning, you must continue to commit to learning. While learning Krav Maga you will realize that your self confidence is building, your physical health is improving, you’ll also have a better awareness of your surrounding.


Erie Krav Maga School info
Erie Krav Maga has been serving the Erie community for over thirteen years. This is the only school in the area that teaches Krav Maga. The four areas of Krav Maga are Combative, Self-Defense, Kickboxing and Weapons training.
We have awesome age appropriate combat or reality based Martial art classes for children and adults. Most importantly is our Kids character development program. For example, our three rules of class and Life are Try your Best, improve a little and have Fun.
Furthermore, we teach a full range of combat/reality based Martial Arts for self-defense/personal safety including empty handed and weapons skills.
We want all of our students to have self-confidence in their ability to defend themselves and their families if the need should arise.
Instructor info
Our head instructor Guru Tim has over 40 years’ experience. Guru Tim Lucas is the owner and head instructor of Erie Krav Maga. Guru Tim has over forty (40) years’ experience in combat or reality based Martial Arts. Also, Erie Krav Maga has coed age appropriate class for ages 5 and older.

Our promise is that with the utmost professionalism, in a safe atmosphere, and with care and respect, to uphold and teach our students the values and life skills that will lead to remarkable improvements in academics, careers, and relationships.

Literally making a better community one black belt at a time.